Project Manager

A web based business process tool delivering project management, document management and collaboration tools throughout the lifecycle of the project


The Online Project Management system Manage-IT have developed is a ‘best in class’ business process tool.  The system has evolved in the field and has been built to reflect the real needs of projects and project players at all levels.

Project Manager can be applied across an entire enterprise, and has demonstrated that it works effectively with technology, business management and corporate planning processes.

Without having to maintain internal servers, security, or software development, Project Manager users have a collaboration service that enables them to:

·          Create and manage a virtual project.

·          Share and organize documents, plans, and files in a secure, easily accessible, online environment.

·          Automate the creation and distribution of project updates and document revisions.

·          Communicate between project members across geographical or global locations.

·          Monitor ongoing project status and progress.

·          Provide access to project information 24 hours a day to authorised team members.

·          Shrink expenses associated with paperwork, postage, printing, travel, telecom, and courier deliveries.