PM Helps

  • Effective communication – of project meetings, documentation, tasks and time.  Collaboration – between stakeholders and the project team

  • Knowledge Management of associated documents including project plans, meeting notes and correspondence.
  •  Management can drill down through project detail as required – easily and  quickly – without a long learning curve or massive system expense
  • Get started – by rapid project establishment - bringing together people, ideas, documents etc for projects that might otherwise have seemed to ‘difficult to start at this point in time’
  • The system is inexpensive and simple to use and can be up and running in hours.  Significantly though – it performs the task of project management and information sharing and management far better than other systems
  • Improved control of IT suppliers – gives rise to potential cost reduction  as this system is perfect to use between separate companies, with different systems with geographic spread
  • Better project management means – lower costs – problems can be identified earlier – by people who can do something about them