With Project Manager all participants in a project lifecycle can mitigate risk, reduce costs and improve profitability.

Our system is designed to improve profitability and reduce the financial and legal risks in managing projects.

Our business process tools address the collaboration and project management needs from project inception through to implementation.

Project Manager is a complete document management and collaboration solution available to be licensed and co-branded as an ASP offering or for internal use.

Project Manager accelerates projects by providing instant access to information along with the collaboration tools required to quickly make decisions.

Team members can view and collaborate on design documents, pictures, budgets, and more, from virtually anywhere in the world.

By leveraging the Internet, you can eliminate much of the time and cost associated with paperwork, postage, printing, travel, telephone, and courier deliveries.

All activities associated with a project can be tracked, including when a document is received, viewed, and changed by team members.

Data transmission is encrypted to ensure protected access over public networks.

In addition, a project manager can easily tailor access permissions to the role of each user. Setting up a project and adding team members is easy, so you can boost your team's productivity and, customer satisfaction levels, immediately.

Consulting services are available to all clients using the business process management tools provided by Project Manager.