The WebSite Manager service comprises a number of different modules providing you with the flexibility to tailor the service that is most appropriate for your organisation. You select the features that you want and are not charged for those that you don't require.
Basic Service

The Basic Service provides you with all the functionality you require to build and maintain, a professional web site.

Included in the Basic Service are features that enable you to:

  • Create and publish a web site
  • Add new pages
  • Update content instantaneously
  • Approve changes before being published
  • Include downloadable attachments on your web site
  • Have a secure section with pages that only your organisation's staff can access

The use of the above features requires no programing experience whatsoever!

Form Generator

The Form Generator module gives you the ability to create forms on your web site in order to capture information from visitors to your web site.

Some examples of forms that you could create include; Contact Us, Sales Order, Job Quotation, Bookings ...

All form responses are stored on the database and can be accessed through the secure section of your web site.

Email or SMS notification can be sent to specified people whenever a form response is received so there is no need to constantly log in to check if anyone has responded. 


Online Store

The Online Store module includes all the features required to display, and take orders for your products.

Some of the features of the online store include;

  • Group your products into categories
  • Display thumbnails of your products which when clicked will display larger images
  • Accept order details
  • Shopping cart feature
  • Access customer orders through the secure web pages
  • Receive email or SMS notification whenever an order is received
  • Accept credit card payments through your web site

The above features provide the means for all businesses, from the smallest to the largest, to have an inexpensive, professional, fully functional ebusiness web site.


The Newsletter module allows you to easily build professional quality HTML format newsletters and email them to chosen mailing lists.

Once you have the basic layout of your newsletters, such as the header and footers, the background and font coulours, it is a simple matter to change the content to quickly create a new newsletter.

You can maintain different mailing lists for Business Contacts, Visitors to your web site, Friends or Other lists. It is also possible to select individuals from your mailing lists to send your newsletters to.

The system also maintains a archive history of all your newsletters which enable you to easilly locate one, to resend, or edit to create another newsletter.

Because the newsletters are in HTML format it is easy to insert hyperlinks into the content to direct the readers back to specific pages on your site, for example, Special Offers. 


The Survey module provides you with the features required to turn your web site from a basic marketing tool into a marketing analysis tool.