Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is ProjectManager?

A. The ProjectManager application gives companies the tools and insight they need to maximize revenues and cut operational costs. ProjectManager enables oversight of your projects and processes and delivers instant snapshots of key metrics. As a result, project teams can eliminate costly pipeline bottlenecks, and effectively collaborate to transform projects into profits. Flexible customization allows companies to easily configure the application to match their own unique methodology or processes.


Q. How is Issue Tracking handled?

A. ProjectManager provides systematic issue tracking and management, allowing companies to automatically capture, route, and escalate issues based on customized business rules. As a result, companies can gain valuable insight into the source of problems, and ensure that no project or process 'goes off the rails'.  Additionally, a centralized knowledgebase of process solutions helps teams retain and build project and process expertise.  Best practice solutions are standardised, improving delivery and  shortening the ramp up time for projects to begin.


Q. How can ProjectManager help monitor a project's health?

A. ProjectManager has detailed tracking, reporting, and analytical tools that provide precise measurements on how projects are performing, and the types of issues making them work or fail.  Integrated issue management and reporting throughout the project lifecycle ensures that issues are routed to the appropriate resource and monitored in real time, so that no issues are missed. Additionally, reporting is standardised across projects allowing  critical insight into the full project lifecycle. Finally, the report scheduling tool allows a variety of reports to be automatically generated and sent to specified users.


Q. What does ProjectManager do?

A. ProjectManager is a customizable online enterprise Project / Process Management solution, allowing you to organize and manage all of your project information. All of your projects, associated documents, issues, contacts, reports and processes are easily viewed and can be appropriately shared with colleagues. Because ProjectManager runs on the Internet — helpful, time-saving resources are integrated into the application and made available in order to provide real-time information about your projects.


Q. How does ProjectManager work?

A. ProjectManager is hosted in a secure data center. Users simply connect to ProjectManager via the Internet. In the same way you would log on to your favorite web site, you can connect to ProjectManager and enter detailed information about your Projects. If you have a Web browser and an Internet connection, you are ready to start using ProjectManager.


Q. I'm a project manager. How can I benefit from using ProjectManager?

A. For project managers, it is easy to train new employees and make existing employees more productive with easy access to project management best practices. With ProjectManager, managers can also immediately track project summaries, without having to ask each individual project participant to submit their individual reports. In addition, you can drill into any issue to quickly identify which issues may need your assistance. ProjectManager also includes many pre-configured reports to display aggregated project data that can easily be shared with your executive management without having to manually aggregate data from each project participant in your organization. What's more these reports can be scheduled to generate and be distributed automatically to selected recipients, without you having to lift a finger.


Q. I am an individual project participant. Can just one person use ProjectManager?

A. One person can use ProjectManager; however, the solution was designed from the ground up to empower teams to easily share information with colleagues. We suggest that you choose a few colleagues with whom you'd like to work, and then you'll see the real power of coordinated, shared projects.


Q. I work in a team project environment. Can my entire team use ProjectManager?

A. A key benefit of ProjectManager is its ability to share data real-time and enable all team members to leverage a common set of information in one easily accessible location. As the owner of a given customer or project, you have the ability to grant all team members various access rights to ensure everyone sees what they should in relation to that customer or project.


Q. Our project teams include participants enternal to our organization. Can they access ProjectManager too?

A. As long as the external participant has a user name and password, you can grant them secure access to your project data within ProjectManager.  By extending ProjectManager to external partners, your organization can easily share information with your external parties.


Q. I'm a Project Director. How can I benefit from using ProjectManager?

A. With ProjectManager you have a unified case management and solutions knowledgebase system integrated with a comprehensive project management system.

ProjectManager incorporates some set up options which allow you to tailor the application to your organization's specific methodologies and processes. By doing this all users of the system will be adopting a common approach, and will allow you to review and compare projects using a consistent basis.


Q. I am a Business Development Manager. How can I benefit from using ProjectManager?

A. With ProjectManager, Business Development, Product and Brand managers, get real-time visibility into the project pipeline and customer support process to monitor progress or to generate or view issues, concerns, enhancement requests, and prioritization.


Q. What platforms do I need to have in order to run ProjectManager?

A. Since ProjectManager is a hosted application, all you need is a computer or an alternative device that can run a web browser. It doesn't matter what type of hardware or operating system you're running.


Q. How do I get upgrades to ProejctManager?

A. Because ProjectManager is a hosted application and is accessed via the web, any time we add a new feature you will have access to it the next time you use the application. There is no need to download any software or make system adjustments.


In House Version Questions


Q. What is the 'In-House' version?

A. In this scenario we load ProjectManager software onto the organisations own servers.  This is the prefered model for some companies.  An independant assessment and information process is required for this solution.



Q. What large companies have you already sold?

A. Some of our larger customers include QBE,  Satyam, Cranswick Wines, and CMS.



Q. What is the 'Online Infrastructure'?

A. ProjectManager comprises the application hosting foundation (servers, database, security, scalability, backup, redundancy, disaster backup recovery site, load balancing, caching, monitoring, storage, etc.), license management, business process support, reporting, and front-line end-user support and training. Companies implementing a conventional Project Management application have to license or internally staff and fund these functions above and beyond the software licenses, exponentially increasing the total cost of ownership. ProjectManager provides these functions in its Online Infrastructure as an integral part of its project management solution, at no additional charge.


Q. Can I upgrade from Online Edition to 'In-House' Edition?

A. Yes. customers can easily migrate all of their existing data and settings to the In-House edition if required. Customers would contract with ProjectManager to do this. 


How to Get Started Questions


Q. How do I get access to ProjectManager?

A. Because ProjectManager is an online service, there is no hardware or software to buy, install, or maintain. Just point your browser Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 5.0 or higher) or Netscape Navigator (version 6.0 or higher) or your Mac to the login page and login.



Q. Is any training required to learn to use ProjectManager?

A. ProjectManager is designed to be easy to learn and can be used immediately. Our customers find that using ProjectManager is similar to using other web sites — extremely intuitive and user friendly. However, some training is useful especially at the System Administrator level.


Q. Is there training available if I need it?

A. We offer a limited amount of free training for users and administrators of the ProjectManager solution. The sessions tend to run for less than three hours and cover typical usage by a user and administrator. The sessions are held onsite or through the Internet, conveniently allowing you to participate right from your office.


Q. What involvement is required from my company's IT department?

A. None. ProjectManager applications are accessed through the Internet via a Web browser and require no modifications or upgrades to your existing environment.

Because there is no hardware, software, or network equipment to purchase, and the application is accessed through a standard Web browser, your IT department will not need to implement or maintain the ProjectManager solution.


Q. How quickly can my company be up and running?

A. With ProjectManager you can be up and running immediately. It typically takes less than 24 hours to set up and customize your ProjectManager solution.


Q. What is the job of the ProjectManager System Administrator?

A. The Administrator is responsible for setting up your ProjectManager online 'Organisation,' which means adding users, establishing their roles, configuring pick lists (drop-down menus), and adding custom fields. This task is usually completed in just a few hours.



Q. Can my company configure ProjectManager?

A. Your System Administrator can configure almost all aspects of ProjectManager to meet your specific requirements. You can create and change projects, task types, work breakdown structures, processes, users, departments and priority types, colours etc. and add an unlimited number of custom fields. All pre-configured reports can be customized.



Q. Can I add custom fields in ProjectManager?

A. Your Administrator can quickly add as many custom fields as necessary. Custom fields can be set up in various formats, such as a text string, pick list, date, or number. Additionally, these custom fields can be included on all appropriately related reports.


Q. Does an individual user have any control over the sharing of records they own?

A. All owners are empowered to further extend the sharing on an item-by-item basis.


Reporting Questions


Q. Do I need a report writer to create and run reports?

A. ProjectManager includes a number of pre-configured reports, and you also can create your own customized reports. From the Report tab simply select the report for the data you require.



Q. Can I get my report information out of ProjectManager?

A. All reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel™ and other desktop applications by selecting and pasting.

Security and Scalability Questions


Q. How can I be sure my data is secure?

A. When you log into ProjectManager, you will see a small lock icon at the bottom of your browser display, indicating that a secure (SSL) connection has been established to our server. In addition, the URLs used to access your data on ProjectManager.com.au are all preceded with https instead of http, which also indicates that a secure connection is being maintained for data access from ProjectManager


Q. How can I be assured my data will be kept private?

A. ProjectManager is committed to keeping your data private and secure. To this end, ProjectManager has expressly stated how we will handle your private data. For a greater understanding of the legal obligations ProjectManager adheres to regarding data privacy, please refer to the ProjectManager Privacy Policy as well as the ProjectManager.com.au Terms of Use Agreement.


Q. Does ProjectManager ever view or use my data?

A. No. As stated in the ProjectManager Privacy Policy 'ProjectManager.com.au will not review, share, distribute, print, or reference any such Data except as provided in the ProjectManager.com.au Terms of Use, or as may be required by law. Individual records may at times be viewed or accessed only for the purpose of resolving a problem, support issue, or suspected violation of the Terms of Use, or as may be required by law. Of course, customers are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of their user registration and password.'


Q. What happens when the ProjectManager database goes down?

A. ProjectManager.com.au has built redundancy into all its systems in order to minimize any system failures that could be perceived as customer outages. ProjectManager.com.au realises there may occasionally be system outages due to issues beyond our control. ProjectManager.com.au has established numerous escalation procedures to notify the proper personnel in the event of any system outage and remedy any issues as quickly as possible.


Q. Can I house a backup of my ProjectManager data at my own company?

A. You can receive a complete download of all your company data on ProjectManager by signing up for our Monthly Export Service. Please contact us for for more information.


Q. How scalable is ProjectManager?

A. ProjectManager has the capacity to scale to the largest of enterprises. The architecture behind the Projectmanager.com.au solution was designed to handle thousands of users.

Registration Questions


Q. How do I sign up for ProjectManager?

A. Send us your details, and we will contact you, answer any questions and guide you through the process.